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Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson

1)   How long have you been working in a shop?  The Spoke Shop?

      Since 2015 and it's a blast!

2)   Favorite meal?

      With family!

3)   What bike(s) are you currently riding?

      Specialized Fatboy, Trek Slash 9.9 RSL, Carl Strong Custom (converted to a single speed),
      Trek 69r single speed, Specialized Roubaix SL4,

4)   Favorite type of music or artist?

      Christian Rock, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Traveling Wilbury's, and any 60's, 70's, 80's.

5)   Favorite local ride?

      Back Nine, Riverfront Park for night rides.

6)   Your first bike?

      Montgomery Wards.

7)   Your favorite accomplishment on a bike?

      Riding up the Beartooth pass while getting filmed for ESPN.

8)   Where would you go on a dream ride vacation?

      New Zealand!

9)   Another hobby other than riding?

      Bass guitar, artwork, running, keeping my wife happy!

10)  Clips or Flats?