Tom Burtchaell

tom's mug

How long have you been working in a bike shop?   The Spoke Shop?

30 years ago, I worked here for 2 years; currently since February 2015

Favorite meal?

T-Bone steak with onions

What bike(s) are you currently riding?

Trek Remedy 9.8; 1979 Assenmooher Tandem; 1975 Peugeot PX10; 1985 Fuji America

Favorite type of music or artist?

Anything but Rap!

Favorite local ride?

River Rd to Spring Creek to Mosure Dome

Your first bike?

Raleigh Olympus 5 speed

Your favorite accomplishment on a bike?

Falling off as little as I do!

Where would you go on a dream ride vacation?

New Zealand

Another hobby other than riding?

History, reading

Clips or Flats