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How long have you been working at the Spoke Shop?

March 2021

Favorite Bike to Sell? 

When someone says, "this is the nicest bike I've owned" that's my favorite bike to sell.  

What bike(s) are you currently riding?

Trek Marlin 8

Favorite type of music or artist?

Weird Al Yankovic

Favorite local ride?

The hilly neighborhoods above Rimrock Rd.  are fun! 

Your first bike?

I think my Uncle Matt bought me a bike when I was 5. 

Your favorite accomplishment on a bike?

Riding to work in these awfully icy/snowy conditions

Where would you go on a dream ride vacation?

Mexico's probably pretty cool  

Another hobby other than riding?

Cooking all of the food 

Clips or Flats

Clips are for try-hards