BionX SL 350 HT DT XL Electric Motor Kit

BionX SL 350 HT DT XL Electric Motor Kit
The SL 350 HT DT XL Electric Motor Kit (freewheel sold separately).
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Make every journey fast, fun and easy with BionX's lightweight SL 350 Electric Motor Kit! This wonderful upgrade offers both a traditional throttle and power-assist technology along with a 65-mile range for the ideal balance of pedaling and power. With BionX's proportional assist, you just set the power level on the easy-to-use, backlit console and start pedaling. The harder you pedal, the more power the motor adds so you go faster and further with less effort. Or you can use the throttle for an instant burst of speed anytime. And, when the time comes to head downhill, BionX's regenerative braking uses the motor to help slow you down while recharging the battery for a sweet energy-efficient bonus!

The BionX console.

Easy to use and easy to read, the BionX console lets you take control of your ride with responsive controls and accurate, timely information. It features a multifunctional meter similar to a bike computer, displaying your speed, remaining battery charge and your level of assistance or regeneration. With the bright LCD screen, you’ll be able to view your stats day or night, rain or shine. Every BionX console is even equipped with an anti-theft alarm to protect your bike.

The BionX hub motor.

PL-series motor shown (photo of SL-series motor unavailable from manufacturer).

The BioniX proportional assist graphic.

BionX’s proportional assist provides four levels of electric power adding 35, 75, 150 and 300% respectively to your pedaling effort (expressed on their graphic as watts). This means you can choose exactly how much exercise you get, how far and fast you’ll ride and whether to keep up with stronger riders and crest hills with ease!


Electric-Assist Type/Levels 4 power-assist levels/throttle
Throttle Type Handlebar-mounted
Motor Specs (power output) 350 watts
Maximum Torque 29 lb-ft
Drive System Direct
Battery Type/Weight Lithium Manganese (LiMn) 48V/7.9 pounds
Recharge Time 3-4 hours
Range on Full Charge Up to 65 miles
Maximum Assisted Speed 20 MPH
Rim Aluminum
Cassette Compatibility 6-, 7-, 8- or 9-speed freewheel
Kit Weight 16.2 pounds
Accessories & Extras Battery lock

* Subject to change without notice.