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Acton Recreation Mtn Bike Area

Well, you may, or may not, have followed what's been going on with the Acton Recreation Area just north of Billings but we're making steady progress.  The BLM is currently working on signs with trail names, descriptions, etc. along with fence crossings to make it more accessible and a little more clear on where to go.

Many volunteers have spent countless hours dreaming, designing, working and riding the trails at Acton in the last couple of years!  We are very appreciative of each and everyone of them!  If you would like to follow along with the progress and volunteer on some trail work days follow the Spokeshop facebook page and/or Pedal United facebook page. Hope to see you out there!

There are three main trails that are ready for riding and we sure hope people get out there and put some miles on them!  You can click on the following Garmin links to the trails that have been mapped below:


Up the road and down Redline