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How long have you worked in the bike industry?

On and off for about 4 years 

Favorite bike you have?

Trek Ticket dirt jumper  

Spirit animal?

Honey Badger 

Favorite Little Debbie snack?

Zebra cake

Worst memory on a bike

Over shot a jump about six feet landed to flat, and went over my bars.

Does pineapple belong on pizza?


Best memory on a bike

First time every riding park laps on my 2015 specialized enduro with blown out suspension.

Why did you decide to work at the spoke shop

Fell in love with bikes and wanted to get discounts on parts because i'm a broke college kid.

Shimano or sram

Sram all the way

Favorite type of riding?

Downhill and dirt jump

What bikes do you own right now?

Trek remedy 8 and trek ticket 

Cips or Flats?

Flats MTB Clips road

What is your go to lube

What ever I have