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How long have you worked in the bike industry?

On and off all my life.

Favorite bike you have?

My first frame up build as a kid "mongoose expert pro"

Spirit animal?

Sea Otter

Favorite Little Debbie snack?

Swiss cake rolls (frozen)

Worst memory on a bike

Cramping and saddle sores from the Hardscrabble Humper

Does pineapple belong on pizza?


Best memory on a bike

Impossible to narrow, anytime im hauling ass, or flying through the air

Why did you decide to work at the spoke shop

I've always enjoyed the atmosphere of bike shops 

Shimano or sram


Favorite type of riding?

Cross Country / enduro / D.H.

What bikes do you own right now?

Scott Genius

Cips or Flats?

Whateva Brah!

What is your go to lube

Dumond Tech