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1)   How long have you been working in a shop?  The Spoke Shop?

      I purchased The Spoke Shop in 2011 and am loving every minute!

2)   Favorite meal?

      Has to be Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, taders, stuffing, gravy, green bean casserole, etc.) or anything with a cold beer after a hard ride.

3)   What bike(s) are you currently riding?

    Ebikes! Trek Rail 9.9, Specialized Creo Expert, Trek Top Fuel 7, Trek Farley  

4)   Favorite type of music or artist?

      Jazz, Blues and soul music.  Tower of Power is my all time favorite band.  Have attended 2 concerts in Seattle. (and no, I'm not that old, its just that present day music sucks).

5)   Favorite local ride?

      Silver run in the summer and all the trails at Acton Recreation Area

6)   Your first bike?

      Fifth birthday and it was red.

7)   Your favorite accompoishment on a bike?

      Survived Porcupine Rim and the Whole Enchilada on a Slash 9 without hitting the dirt.  (refier to question 10....hmmmm).

8)   Where would you go on a dream ride vacation?

      Whistler looks cool!

9)   Another hobby other than riding?

      Skiing and snowboarding, timbersledding

10)  Clips or Flats?  

       MTB, flats, used to clip in for years and hit the turf a lot (refer to question 7).  Clip in for road.